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New Holland Codes for Kids Program

Are you looking for kid resources to introduce careers? 

Building career awareness is a fundamental step in helping
a child unlock his or her potential. The kid career resources are  VISUAL learning techniques, and career test for kids that use colors to understand personal interests and career opportunities. has launched a NEW virtual Holland Codes for Kids career awareness center for elementary and middle school students.

The Holland Codes for Kids Program has the following items -
  • Virtual Kid Career Posters, Key, and Videos
  • Starter Kit
  • Career Resource Guide
  • Training Manual
  • Flash Cards and Bingo Cards

Holland Codes for Kids Model

There are two versions – the RIASEC Version and the Children’s Version.
  • The RIASEC Version is for Middle School students and  uses the Self-Directed Search Career Explorer.
  • The Children’s Version is for elementary students and uses poster activity. 

Holland Codes for Kids Career Posters

The Holland Codes for Kids Career Program uses self-by-step activities, career games for Kids, and kids activities for career choices to highlight Holland Codes or Colors to Careers Codes. Using an electronic poster exercise, you choose the careers that you like or are interested in.
At the end of the career poster exercise, you receive a summary  of the results. The Summary Sheet identifies your Holland Codes.

The Holland Codes for Kids Career Program comes with a Holland Code Descriptions, and Color Key. The Holland Codes for Kids Career Program is an excellent tool to introduce you to career exploration, Holland Codes, and Careers. The graphics hold your attention as you identify your career interests.

Promotional Starter Kit

Use the Starter Kit to promote the Holland Codes for Kids Program.
The Starter Kit helps teachers, counselors, and parents prepare for a Paint Careers With Colors System. The Starter Kit has the following items –
  • News Release
  • Flyers for children
  • Flyers for teachers, counselors, and parents
  • Tent Cards
  • Name Tags
  • Stickers for Tent Cards and Name Tags
The flyers and News Release help to advertise the Program.

The News Release advertises the beginning of the Holland Codes for Kids Program. Send out the News Release prior to starting the system.

The Children’s and Adult’s Flyers provide information about the Holland Codes for Kids Program.
Use Name Tags and Tent Cards to identify children, students, teachers, counselors, or parents.
Individuals place stickers on Name Tags and Tent Cards. The Stickers lists the 6 Holland Codes. When the children or students have completed the Career Poster Exercise, they will be instructed to place the correct labels on their Name Tags and Tent Cards. The Stickers identify each individual’s Holland Codes.


Career Resource Guide

The Career Resource Guide (Internet Resources for Teachers, Counselors, Parents, Adults, and Teens) includes additional information from the following areas –
  • Holland Code Career Assessment Activities
  • Awareness, Assessment, and Knowledge Resources
  • Career Exploration Sites
The Career Resource Guide (Internet Resources for Teachers, Counselors, Parents, Adults, and Teens) covers -

1. Look at Exploring Careers Web Sites

  • Curriculum
  • Career Information
  • Science Career Group
  • Specific Careers — Science
2. Look at Exploring Careers Books

Guide to Unlock Your Potential Curriculum

This Guide to Unlock Your Potential Curriculum provides strategies –
  • To motivate students to expand their knowledge of themselves and the world of work
  • To empower students with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to enhance their career and personal development
  • To encourage the discovery and refinement of students’ work values, interests and skills, as well as their academic and career planning
The contents of the Guide to Unlock Your Potential Curriculum are -
1. Outline
2. Introduction
3. Career Exploration

  • Three Steps Within the Career Planning and Exploration Process
  • Step One: Awareness, Knowledge and Assessment
  • Step Two: Education and Occupational Exploration
  • Step Three: Career Planning
4. Bibliography
5. Appendix

  • Career Exploration and Planning
  • Areas Influencing Career Planning and Exploration
  • Expanded List of Areas Influencing Career Planning and Exploration
  • Career and Vocational Knowledge
  • Different Occupational Areas
  • Career Exploration Exercise Results
  • Additional Career Websites


Flash Cards and Bingo Cards Sets

The purpose of the Flash Cards and Bingo Cards are to help the students:
  • Discover their interests, abilities, and skills.
  • Find out what makes their personality tick.
  • Explore careers with middle school students, children, and kids.
  • Link careers to interests, abilities and skills.
Flash Card Set has -
  • Flash Cards – Adults Version
  • Flash Cards - Children Version
Read about the different feature in the Holland Codes for Kids Program.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Find Meaning, Purpose, and Direction!


In your journey:
  • Understand your interests, abilities, and skills
  • Gain awareness of your future plan
Your mission is to unlock your potentials. Tips for Finding the Right Career Tool Career awareness tools help you explore who you really are. Career resources answer the question "Who am I?" Career resources point out your likes, dislikes, or interests. Search for the resource that meets your needs.

Look at the benefits. Find resources that are:
  • Eye appealing
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Comprehensive - Full of supplemental resources
With the right resource, you will ready and willing to:
  • Explore
  • Investigate
  • Learn
  • Ask questions
  • Enjoy discovering who they are
  • Gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding
An effective career tool motivates and inspires you to explore careers. Creative career tools build a foundation for more detailed career exploration. Step One: Select a Career Resource How do you choose the right career resource? Look at 3 major areas:
  • Format, e.g. Printed or on-line
  • Cost
  • Resources – Supplemental information on interests, skills, and careers
When you look at a career test, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What do you prefer? Printed or on-line career test?
  • What is your budget for the tests?
Find career tests that you are interested in and that provide valuable information about careers and your interests. Look at career tests that use well-known career models. Match your interest clusters to career or job codes. Engaging resources improve attention span, concentration, memory skills, and understanding. Step Two: Explore Careers Career tests prepare you to explore careers. Gather information about fun, informative, and attractive career exploration resources. Look for resources that offer the following career information:
  • Tasks
  • Wages
  • Career outlook
  • Interests
  • Education
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Similar careers
Career exploration is a process. As Agents of career change, use resources that make your journey enjoyable, educational, and effective. Plan career exploration expeditions.

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