Monday, February 27, 2006

Finding the right career assessment

Finding the right career assessment is a priority in looking for a career or college major. The right career assessment identifies your interests, abilities, and skills. Look for career assessments that are -

  • Low to moderate cost
  • Tested, proven, and dependable
  • Excellent resources

Here are two examples of recommended career assessments.

The Self-Directed Search is -

  • Easy to use - Complete the career assessment in 30 minutes
  • Tested, proven, and dependable - Used by over 22 million people worldwide
  • An excellent, introductory resource - Self-Directed Search gives you a two or three-letter RIASEC or Holland code that tells the relationship between job personalities, key characteristics, college majors, hobbies, abilities, and careers. The Self-Directed Search Form R Occupations Finder has a list of 1,309 occupations matched to Holland Codes.

The Career Explorers Guidance System is -

  • Easy to use - on-line
  • Comprehensive - Contains more than five assessments that allows you to match your personality, interests, values, leisure time activities, and skills to careers
  • Tested, proven, and dependable - developed by a university
  • An excellent, extensive resource - Build a career portifolio, access a database of career resources, explore careers, gather information, narrow your options, and create Personal Reports

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