Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Paint Careers With Colors System

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The Paint Careers With Colors System & Colors to Careers Codes are VISUAL learning techniques that use colors to represent Holland Codes. There are two versions – the RIASEC Version and the Children’s Version.

Paint Careers With Colors Career Test

The Paint Careers With Colors Career Test uses self-by-step activities to identify Holland Codes or Colors to Careers Codes. On each page, you choose the careers that you like or are interested in. At the end of the Career Test, you summarize your results. The Summary Sheet identifies your Holland Codes or Colors to Careers Codes.

The Paint Careers With Colors Career Test comes with a Colors to Careers Career Model and Colors to Careers Code or Holland Code Descriptions. The Paint Careers With Colors Career Test is an excellent tool to introduce you to career exploration, Holland Codes, and Colors to Careers Codes. The graphics hold your attention as you identify your career interests.

Colors to Careers Posters

Over three hundred (300) Colors to Careers Posters feature graphics, Holland Codes, and Colors to Careers Codes. The Colors to Careers Posters are Easy Scoring. You sort the posters quickly according to likes and dislikes. At the end of the poster sorting exercise, you will have your Holland Code and Colors to Careers Code. The posters are an excellent way to explore careers. The poster shows you’re the relationship between Holland Codes, Color-to Careers Codes, and careers.

Colors to Careers Poster Color Key

The Colors to Careers Color Chart shows all of the information listed on the posters:

  • Job Titles
  • Career Color Codes
  • 3 letter Holland Codes
  • Colors to Careers Poster Numbers

The Colors to Careers Color Chart:

  • Helps you focus on specific careers
  • Select specific posters for career exploration activities
  • Provides an overview of Holland Codes and careers

The Paint Careers With Colors System clarifies thoughts, integrates new knowledge, and promotes critical thinking. New concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood.

The Paint Careers With Colors System organizes and analyzes information. Children, youth, and adults:

  • See how Holland Codes are connected to careers
  • Realize how careers can be grouped and organized
The Paint Careers With Colors System also improves :

  • Attention Span and Concentration: holds audience's attention and helps people absorb information
  • Memory Skills and Understanding: improves ability to absorb information
  • Speed of Learning: reduces the time it takes to complete career tests.

The Paint Careers With Colors System comes with –

  • Paint Careers With Colors Overview
  • Introduction to Teachers, Counselors, and Parents
  • Paint Careers With Colors Career Test
  • Colors to Careers Poster Instruction Sheets
  • Colors to Careers Color Chart
  • Colors to Careers Posters
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  • Career Cluster Fact Sheet ($20 Value)
  • O*NET Fact Sheet ($20 Value)
  • Career Books and Websites Guide ($20 Value)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ophthalmic Technician - High Demand Job

A Ophthalmic Technician is in demand. What does a Ophthalmic Technician do?

Ophthalmic Technician performs administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of physician. Administrative duties may include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, billing, and coding for insurance purposes. Clinical duties may include taking and recording vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examinations.

Holland Codes - SCR


Ophthalmic Technicians
  • Interview patients to obtain medical information.
  • Show patients to examination rooms and prepare them for the physician.
  • Record patients' medical history, vital statistics and information such as test results in medical records.
  • Explain treatment procedures and physicians' instructions to patients.
  • Prepare treatment rooms for patient examinations, keeping the rooms neat and clean.

Tools & Technology

Tools used in this occupation:

  • Ophthalmoscopes or otoscopes or scope sets — Opthalmoscopes; Otoscopes

Technology used in this occupation:

  • Accounting software — Billing software; Bookkeeping software
  • Calendar and scheduling software — Appointment scheduling software
  • Data base user interface and query software — Computerized patient management software; Database software
  • Office suite software — Business software applications Word processing software


Ophthalmic Technician have knowledge of -
  • English Language
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Medicine
  • Clerical


Ophthalmic Technician are skilled in -
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Instructing
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Service
  • Time Management
  • Writing
Read more about Careers, Holland Codes, Work Values, Wages & Employment Trends, Work Activities, Work Context, Job Zones, and Job Styles.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Artistic Careers

Do you need help choosing the right career? Are you interested in a career in the Arts. Here are some examples of Artistic Careers.

For each career, we have added the Holland Codes.

Adult Literacy, Remedial Education, and GED Teachers and Instructors Artistic Conventional Investigative
Librarians Artistic Conventional Investigative
Court Reporters Artistic Conventional Social
Film and Video Editors Artistic Enterprising Investigative
Art Directors Artistic Enterprising Realistic
Fashion Designers Artistic Enterprising Realistic
Graphic Designers Artistic Enterprising Realistic
Interior Designers Artistic Enterprising Realistic
Music Composers and Arrangers Artistic Conventional Social
Actors Artistic Enterprising Social
Advertising and Promotions Managers Artistic Enterprising Social
Copy Writers Artistic Enterprising Social
Directors- Stage, Motion Pictures, Television, and Radio Artistic Enterprising Social
Editors Artistic Enterprising Social
Models Artistic Enterprising Social
Music Directors Artistic Enterprising Social
Producers Artistic Enterprising Social
Singers Artistic Enterprising Social
Talent Directors Artistic Enterprising Social
Curators Artistic Investigative Enterprising
Reporters and Correspondents Artistic Investigative Enterprising
Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers Artistic Investigative Social
Technical Writers Artistic Investigative Realistic
Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture Artistic Realistic Enterprising
Commercial and Industrial Designers Artistic Realistic Enterprising
Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators Artistic Realistic Enterprising
Floral Designers Artistic Realistic Enterprising
Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance Artistic Realistic Enterprising
Merchandise Displayers and Window Trimmers Artistic Realistic Enterprising
Photographers Artistic Realistic Enterprising
Set and Exhibit Designers Artistic Realistic Enterprising
Architects, Except Landscape and Naval Artistic Realistic Investigative
Landscape Architects Artistic Realistic Investigative
Museum Technicians and Conservators Artistic Realistic Investigative
Costume Attendants Artistic Realistic Social
Dancers Artistic Realistic Social
Musicians, Instrumental Artistic Realistic Social
Broadcast News Analysts Artistic Social Enterprising
Choreographers Artistic Social Enterprising
Radio and Television Announcers Artistic Social Enterprising
Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary Artistic Social Investigative
English Language and Literature Teachers, Postsecondary Artistic Social Investigative
Foreign Language and Literature Teachers, Postsecondary Artistic Social Investigative
Interpreters and Translators Artistic Social Investigative

The Holland Codes job information is part of the O*NET Codes and Holland Codes FACT Sheets.

O*NET Codes and Holland Codes FACT Sheets lists the -

  • O*NET-SOC Code
  • O*NET-SOC Job Title
  • Holland Codes
  • Description
You can read more about the O*NET Codes and Holland Codes FACT Sheets at -