Thursday, June 28, 2007

Career Suggestions

We received the following question from Shawn.

"I am trying to find a career, in which I can use my creativity and my passion for science to initiate new ideas that others will impliment. Can you help me out?"


Finding a career is a process. As you explore careers, you will -
  • Gain awareness and knowledge of your interests, abilities, and skills.
  • Perform career research, identify potential careers, and begin narrowing career options.
  • Perform research to identify educational courses
  • Put what they know into action
Career guidance systems are designed to help you identify -
  • Career interests, abilities, skills, and values
  • Desired salary path and working conditions
  • Required educational training
After selecting your career, it is important that you find the right educational program.
  • You can get a career by attending a certificate, 2 year, and 4 year educational programs.
  • In an educational program database, you can find careers that require the completion of a certificate, 2 year, and four year educational programs.
  • If you are looking for careers in a specific geographic area, search by region or state.
  • Finally, since the cost of education is a factor, search education programs according to college or other training program costs.
Recommended career guidance systems are -

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