Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hard to Find SAR Careers

One of our customer, a professor, gave a career exploration assignment for one of the classes she teaches.  One of her students from her class took the Self-Directed Search (SDS) came up with a summary code of SAR.  The student was unable to find any occupations that matched this exact code... The professor asked the following question -

1. Are there any occupations listed for a summary code of SAR?

Here is the answer -

According to the principles listed in Self Directed Search Assessment, the letters of the Holland Code can be interchanged to obtain additional career options. So, here are the careers from the possible Holland Code combinations.

From the Dictionary of Holland Codes -

SAR - None
SRA - None
ASR - Fashion Designer, Painting Restorer, Exhibit Builder, Optical-Effects-Camera Operator, Pewterer, Screen Printing Inspector
ARS - Ornamental-Metalwork, Photographer, Stage Technician, Pewter Finisher, Wallcovering Texturer
RAS - Pastry Cook Apprentice, Pastry Cook, Ice Cream Chef
RSA - Model Maker

From the ONET Fact Sheets -

SAR - Child Care Workers, Recreation Workers, Recreational Therapists
SRA - Occupational Therapist Aides, Occupational Therapist Assistants
ASR - None
ARS - Costume Attendants, Dancers, Musicians, Instrumental
RAS - None
RSA - Animal Caretakers

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