Wednesday, January 02, 2008 Authorized Dealer Program has just created a new Authorized Dealer Program. By joining this Dealer program, you can earn profits by promoting products.


  1. Expand your selection of career exploration resources.
  2. Earn you money when your customers or clients order popular Holland Code resources.
  3. Use marketing logos and images in Authorized Dealer marketing efforts within a specified calendar year. This authorization is granted for a period of one calendar year and the dealer must reapply for authorization on an annual basis.
  4. For Counselors, Consultants, and Teachers, receive FREE listing on
  5. Receive generous discounts on selected products
  6. Access to exclusive pricing, offers and discounts available only to dealers
  7. Access to online and toll free ordering
  8. Access to soon to be released products
  9. Receive free promotional copies of the following CD-ROMS($400 Value) -

    For Adults, College Students, High School Students, Teachers, and Counselors:

  10. For Children, Limited Reading Ability, or Special Needs:

Authorized Dealer Application Process has created an Authorized Dealer Application. The Application has two parts -

  • Agreement for Marketing Products
  • Authorized Dealer Application
Read about the Authorized Dealer Program.

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