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Kuder Test Survey - On Sale

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The Kuder Career Planning System has 3 job career tests, college by major information, career job finder, career job descriptions, career portfolio, and resume tutorial.

The Kuder Career Planning System and Kuder Test Survey help you:
  • Identify skills, interests, abilities, and values
  • Find a cluster of careers that match your skills, interests, abilities, and values
  • Focus on -
    • Specific career job descriptions
    • Job titles
    • General work activities
    • Detailed work activities
    • Specific tasks typical of the occupation
    • Working condition
    • Nature of the work
    • Important interests
    • Important abilities
    • Important skills
    • Important work values
    • Important knowledge areas
    • Trends
    • Training
    • Additional information
  • Get information on -
    • Major areas of instruction
    • Specific instructional programs
    • College and school results
    • General campus and student body information
    • Types of instructions or programs offered
    • Degree or certificate types offered or awarded
    • Graduation rate
    • Application and admission factors and costs
    • Costs and financial aid
The Kuder Career Planning System has 3 job career tests, college by major information, career job finder, career job descriptions, career portfolio, and resume tutorial.

The Kuder Career Planning System –
  • Is scored automatically
  • Generates an easy-to-read report is within 20-30 seconds after the final page is submitted
  • Is available in either English or Spanish

The Kuder Career Planning System has three career tests. Each career test can be completed in 20 minutes or less.

Individuals can –

  • Begin an test
  • Stop the test
  • Save the results
  • Complete the test at a later time

All tests feature immediate online scoring and reporting.

The three Kuder job career tests are –

  • Kuder Career Search with Person Match or Kuder Test Survey
  • Kuder Skills Test
  • Super’s Work Values Inventory-Revised

Kuder general interest survey

Kuder Career Tests

There is a description of the Kuder job career tests –

  • Kuder Career Search with Person Match is the Kuder General Interest Survey consisting of 60 questions.
  • Kuder Skills Test is a self-estimate of one’s abilities to perform work-related tasks. Kuder Skills Test consists of 90 multiple choice questions.
  • Super’s Work Values Inventory-revised identifies which work characteristics are most important to the test taker. The inventory consists of 72 multiple choice questions.

Kuder skills inventory

Results from Kuder Job Career Tests

From the Test Results screen, you click on the word View next to the test to see the test report.

kuder career search

  • Kuder Career Search with Person Match
    • The Kuder General Interest Survey report displays information on career clusters. There are three lists of Career Clusters – Kuder Career Clusters, Federal 16 Career Clusters, or state-specific cluster/pathway system. The ranking of the Career Clusters is matched to your interests. There are descriptions of the cluster.
    • The report also includes the unique Person Match feature which compares test results to a career profile database.
  • Kuder Skills Test
    • Results are presented in rank order of career cluster preference. The results of the Kuder Skills Test match the interests, skills, and career clusters.
  • Super’s Work Values Inventory-revised
    • The report for the work values test displays 12 work-related characteristics in rank order of preference. The inventory assesses 12 work-related values. The 12 work values are presented in rank order. There are definitions of each work value.
    All reports provide suggestions for continued career exploration. Links from the tests are used to explore occupational listings by education level within each of the clusters. Each occupation is crosswalked with and linked directly to additional information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, O*Net and related military occupations to allow further exploration.

kuder value inventory

Combining Results from Kuder Career Tests

  • Kuder Test Survey Interests and Skills Composite Report – Once an individual completes both the interest and skills tests, a composite report compares the scores of the interests and skills tests. There are suggestions for further education and career exploration and planning. To view the composite report, click on the words Kuder Test Survey Interests and Skills Composite Report below the Kuder Test Results table.
  • One-Page Summary Report –This report contains an outline of the most recent results for tests that have been completed. Access this report by clicking on the title below the Kuder Test Results table.

Kuder composite report

Kuder Online Career Portfolio

The Kuder Online Career Portfolio provides a gateway to lifelong career planning that allows individuals to store personal and academic information; search and save educational and occupational data; build resumés; and access test progress and results 24 hours a day.

The System features include:

  • Education Planner – for planning coursework and tracking educational progress
  • Planning Timeline – for guiding education and career planning with a suggested sequence of events
  • Note Taker – for documenting the career development process
  • Occupation Search and Career Comparison – for career exploration by cluster, title, or Holland Code
  • College Major and Instructional Program Search – for learning more about a major as well as the postsecondary options within your state.
  • College Search and Comparison – for researching approximately 7,000 postsecondary colleges, universities, education training centers, and other institutions.
  • Financial Aid Information and Scholarship Search – for understanding your college financing options.
  • Resumé Builder – for creating and managing multiple resumés.

Regular Cost: $19.95 RegularSale Price $18.00

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Is your offer available to people living in Canada? If so, I'll mention it in my blog.

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