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Career Tests for Children and Kids

It is never too early for career awareness!!

paint careers with colors

Children and kids are dreamers.

Children and kids love explore possibilities.

Children are open to new ideas.

Kids are still forming their belief systems.

Our goals to help children and kids build visions and goals of what they desire to do in the future.

Now, is the time to introduce them to careers.

We want children and kids to build career awareness.

We want to help to remain open to new career ideas and possibilities.

We do not expect children and kids to make premature career choices or career preparations.

Now is a time to explore.

We need to present children and kids with VISUAL learning techniques and vibrant kid career resources.

Our goal is to clarify thoughts, integrate new knowledge, and promote critical thinking.

We seek to present new information so that the concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood.

We desire to use career tests that improve -

· Attention Span and Concentration: holds audience's attention and helps people absorb information
· Memory Skills and Understanding: improves ability to absorb information
· Speed of Learning: reduces the time it takes to complete career tests.

Career tests introduce children and kids to careers and interests. The graphics and visuals hold your children’sand kids ' attentions. Career tests provide excellent ways to explore careers. The career tests show the relationship between interestareas and careers

After completing career tests, children and kids have -

· Higher grades
· Higher academic achievement
· Improved school involvement, as well as
· An increase in career awareness exploration, personal, and interpersonal skills

In addition, the children and kids complete more complex courses and have a highergraduation rate from high school.

In summary, using career tests, children and kids -

· Learn and apply the academic material
· Know and value self
· Build self-esteem and confidence
· Identify interests and buildrelationships between the school environment and the work force
· Build academic, communication, problemsolving, and social skills
· Increase awareness of the need for futurejobs skills
· See the connections between learning inschool, academic skills, job related skills, and careers
· See career possibilities
· See themselves as a future contributor tothe job force
· Receive empowerment
· Build self-determination

Paint Careers With Colors Kids Career Test

The Paint Careers With Colors Kids Job Test uses self-by-step activities, career games for Kids, and kids activities for career choices to highlight Holland Codes or Colors to Careers Codes. On each page, you choose the careers that you like or are interested in.

kid career test

At the end of the job test for kids, you summarize your results. The Summary Sheet identifies your Holland Codes or Colors to Careers Codes.

kid career test
kid career test

The Paint Careers With Colors Kids Career Test comes with a Colors to Careers Career Model, Colors to Careers Code or Holland Code Descriptions, and Color Key.

The Paint Careers With Colors Child Career Test is an excellent tool to introduce you to career exploration, Holland Codes, and Colors to Careers Codes. The graphics hold your attention as you identify your career interests.

Career Test comes with -
  • Children Test
  • Children Test Guide
  • Photo Test
  • Photo Test Guide
  • RIASEC Test
  • RIASEC Test Guide
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