Saturday, September 04, 2010

Career Portfolios

The Importance of Career Planning When in School

Career portfolios focus on the importance of career planning in school. What are career interest portfolios?

A career interest portfolio is -
  • Snap shot of the interests, abilities, and skills
  • Diary that lists your goals, dreams, and visions
  • Log book for career exploration and planning
  • Guidebook to future career planning
  • Storybook of your lifetime journey
Career interest portfolios are self awareness or occupational exploration portfolios. These portfolios provide guidance in completing the three steps of the career planning process –
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Educational and Occupational Exploration
  • Career Planning
Self-knowledge deals with our self-concept, interpersonal skills, growth, and development.

Educational and occupational exploration reveals the relationships between learning, work, career information skills, job seeking, skill development, and the labor market.

Career planning includes self-assessment, career exploration, decision making, life role formation, goal setting, and the implementation of career choices.

A Career interest portfolio lists -
  • Career test results
  • Career interests -What you like to do
  • Skills – Activities that you do well
  • Values – Beliefs that are important to you
  • Favorite subjects
  • Favorite activities and hobbies
  • Career experiences: Field trips, interviews with people at work, and interactions with mentors or key resource people
  • Future job possibilities
A career interest portfolio helps you -
  • Highlight your interests, abilities, and skills
  • Recognize your strengths
  • See the relationships between extracurricular activities and career goals
  • Learn about world of work
  • Open your eyes to new job opportunities
  • Identify workplace skills
  • List your career exploration objectives
  • Focus on achieving the right career objectives
  • Set realistic achievable goals
  • Make educational and career plans
The career interest portfolio is an excellent aid for students. Education, learning, and training serve as the bridge between school and world of work. School is a time of transition. A career interest portfolio serves as a journal to record special activities and events.

The career interest portfolio helps students -
  • Increase self awareness
  • Expand knowledge of careers
  • Improve career exploration and planning skills
  • Develop motivation and self confidence
Career interest portfolios provide students with awesome opportunities to gain self awareness as well as to explore and understand the world of work.

Use the career interest portfolios with the Paint Careers With Colors Career Tests.

There are two (2) career assessments that have career portfolios -
  • Kuder Career Planning Survey – For Adults and College Student
  • Paint Careers With Colors – Middle School Students

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