Thursday, December 02, 2010

100 Reliable (and Ridiculous) Excuses for Calling Out of Work

December 2nd, 2010

Everyone has had days when they just don't feel like going to work. Whether that's because you really have an issue that requires you to stay home, wish you had a different career or just feel like playing video games all day, it doesn't really matter. You just need the perfect excuse to get you out of the office and back into bed. Here are some tried and true excuses as well as some more creative and outrageous ones as well to help you concoct the perfect story for playing hooky from work.


These excuses are tried and true classics.

1. My grandmother died. While there are times when this excuse might actually be true, it tends to get used quite a bit when it's not. Still, few bosses with question a grieving employee.
2. I need to stay home to care for my husband/wife/child. You can't argue with having to stay home and care for someone else who's too sick to do it on their own.
3. My alarm didn't go off. If you somehow managed to sleep through the entire work day or a good portion of it because your alarm didn't go off (even if you forgot to set it) you can't be held responsible for that right?
4. I have a headache. Headaches, whether migraines or smaller aches, these painful problems make it nearly impossible to work.
5. I have a family emergency. This is a commonly used excuse perhaps because it discourages further inquiry. Family matters can be very private and your boss may feel awkward asking more.
6. I have jury duty. If you don't go to jury duty instead of work you could be in big trouble. Of course, you might need to watch out if your boss asks for proof.
7. I lost my voice. So long as you call in for work in a teeny, tiny whisper, no one will question that you've lost your voice. Just make sure you can't do your job without a voice, otherwise it's not much of an excuse.
8. It's a religious holiday. You'll have to really commit to this excuse, but your boss can't fault you for needing to take days off to participate in your religious activities.
9. I have to babysit. Whether they're your own kids of that of a sick relative, you can use this excuse to get out of one kind of work by having to do another.
10. I'm taking a sick day. Really, do you need to elaborate any further? If your work guarantees sick days, you're allowed to take them when you please.
11. I stayed up too late working and am too tired to come in. This excuse not only gets you out of work today, but makes you look like a hard worker to boot.
12. It's my birthday! Is this a valid reason not to come into work. Absolutely not. Is it a common excuse for not coming in? Totally. Should you probably veil it behind some other excuse? More than likely.

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