Tuesday, July 05, 2011

See Rainbow Careers iTunes App!

Children's Guide to Career Exploration 
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New Edition Coming Soon!  More Graphics and Sound Effects!

See Rainbow Careers is a fun way to introduce children to careersCareers are like rainbows.
The world is filled with 1000's of careersOpen your child's eyes to the wonderful world of careers.

Discover your child's career interests.

The Elementary School Career Exploration Kit contains the following items -
  • Book (Itunes App)
  • Career Activity Sheets
  • Color/ Career Chart
See Rainbow Careers! Itunes App

The See Rainbow Careers book -
  • Has six sections and 40 colorful pages
  • Provides information about –
    • Career Group characteristics
    • Careers
  • Uses vibrant colors, animated graphics, and VISUAL learning techniques to help children build an career awareness

 Children, youth, and adults -
  • See how colors are connected to careers
  • Realize how careers can be grouped and organized
Rainbow Careers Activity Sheets

The printed activity sheets have -
  • Six sections
  • 72 items
The printed activity sheets can be administered to groups and individuals.

For the activity sheets, you use paper-and-pencil.

The estimated time to complete the activity sheets is 30 minutes, and activity sheets are self–scoring.

Color Chart

The Color Chart provides information about forty-four careers:
  • Job Titles
  • Color Career Group
The See Rainbow Careers is an app listed on the iTunes App Store. The See Rainbow Careers book is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

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kaleighsomers said...

This bothers me a little bit. Your child should be able to be a child, not have to pick a career at the age of 5. There are plenty of people who don't decide what they really love until well into their 40's and that's not abnormal. We have to let kids be kids and not rob them of their youth, if you ask me.

Holland Codes Blog said...

Hi Kaleigh, We absolutely agree with you. The purpose of our apps is to build career awareness. As a career advisor, I have worked with adults and teens who have not discovered the right career. According to the research, career awareness can begin in the early years building a foundation for future career exploration and career planning. I felt that if children knew their strengths at an earlier age they would be more motivated and focused in school.

Holland Codes Blog said...

New edition coming soon! More graphics and sound effects. Follow us on http://bit.ly/qtkP4Y for updates.