Saturday, October 08, 2011

Kid Career Test Software


The kid career test software is a visual learning technique and career test for kid that uses colors to represent Holland Codes and careers.
The poster analyzer clarifies thoughts, integrates new knowledge, and promotes critical thinking. New concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood.
The My Rainbow Career Finder organizes and analyzes information.
Children -
  • See how Holland Codes are connected to careers
  • Realize how careers can be grouped and organized
The kid career test software also improves –
  • Attention Span and Concentration: holds audience's attention and helps people absorb information
  • Memory Skills and Understanding: improves ability to absorb information
  • Speed of Learning: reduces the time it takes to complete career tests.
Use the My rainbow career analyzer at -
  • Schools
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • YMCA/ YWCA Programs
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Kids Go To Work Days
  • Career Days
  • Summer School Programs

The kid career tests are excellent career tests for elementary school students and for other people -
  • Who are In ESL/GED programs
  • Who have limited reading ability
  • Who have limited knowledge of English
  • Who are developmentally delayed
  • Who are learning disabled
  • Who have special needs
  • Who have limited access to education
  • Who are chronically unemployed

My Rainbow Career Finder


 The My Rainbow Career Finder program is an alternative to the paper and pencil RIASEC kid career test. The program is an automated poster scoring system that automatically produces the three letter Holland code based on the selection that the children provide.

With the My Rainbow Career Finder, children sort posters according to likes and dislikes.

The automated scoring system tallies the results and generates a Holland Code.

There is no more counting, tallying, or figuring.

Kids, children, and students will enjoy making their selections and with just the click of a button.

Kids, children, and students have their unique Holland Code results displayed on the computer screen.

You will enjoy using this career exploration activity.

Read about the My Rainbow Career Finder.  See other kid career test finders .

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