Friday, October 21, 2011

New Green Careers and Holland Code Resources

Green earth
Green careers can be any occupation that is affected by activities such as conserving energy, developing alternative energy, reducing pollution, or recycling.

Green occupations fall into three groups:
  • Higher Demand Green Occupations
  • Changing Skills Green Occupations
  • New Green Occupations
Find more than green occupations in following Holland Codes resources -
  • 150 Best Jobs for a Better World
  • Stem Careers Inventory

150 best green jobs

150 Best Jobs for a Better World

Improve the world through your work while enjoying many rewards, including good pay. This special book covers jobs that let you do good for others or society and yourself.

Through 100 best jobs lists and 150 job descriptions, you explore careers in -
  • Health
  • Education
  • Fine arts
  • Public safety
  • Social service
  • Natural resources, and more.
The careers are ranked by pay, growth, and openings, so that you can do well while doing good.

Best jobs lists are organized by -
  • 6 world-saving criteria
  • 3 economic factors
  • 11 education and training levels
  • 15 interest clusters
  • 6 personality types, and more
The job descriptions reveal -
  • Salary
  • Growth through 2014
  • Annual openings
  • Percentages of part-time and self-employed workers
  • Tasks
  • Skills needed
  • Education and training programs
  • Related knowledge and courses
  • Work environment

Stem Careers Inventory

Stem Career Inventory

STEM and green occupations promise growth and opportunity, and are key to U.S. competitiveness in the global marketplace.

But how do you know which STEM occupations suit you best?

In just five steps, this easy-to-use assessment helps students and young people discover their personality type and then match it to STEM and green careers.

Users respond to 72 brief items, total their scores, and identify their Holland RIASEC personality type.

Next they identify appealing jobs that align with their top personality types.

Green job titles are in a green typeface for quick and easy recognition.

Another step features a worksheet for researching careers of interest and lists career exploration resources.

In the final step, students match their personality to education-related career clusters and career academies.

All job titles in the STEM Careers Inventory are from the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database.


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