Saturday, July 07, 2012

Convergence Workshop Series - Global Career Development Facts

Effect of Media Technology on USA Educational Foundations

In the midst of this flood of technology, Dr. Michael Wesch, effects of new media on society and culture expert warns  ...
  • Digital learners have to become media literate
  •  Media literate is the ability to function in an online collaborative, research-based environment –
    • Researching, analyzing, and synthesizing
    • Critiquing, evaluating, and creating new knowledge!
Impact of Media Technology

Here are the rankings of G8 countries in 10th grade math & problem solving.

 Next, here are OECD rankings for Science, Reading, Math, and Problem Solving.

Listen to the message for today's generation!

View the A Vision of Today's Students video created by Dr. Michael Wesch and 200 students at Kansas State University.

Are your students ready in this global society?

Convergence of Media Technology 
and Career Development Resources

Some of the career development and media technology resources include -

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