Friday, July 20, 2012

Convergence Workshop Series - Create App Basics

 Application Authoring Tools

   There are application authoring tools for different mobile devices:
  • iPhone/ iPad
  •  Android
  •  BlackBerry QNX 
  •  Windows
  •  Mac
  •  HP WebOS
  •  Airplay SDK
  •  Linux
  •  Wii


Application Developers 


 There are a variety of different application developers.

The developers use different types of computers, software  and media.

 Basics to Publish Ebook 


 Here are the steps to create and publish an mobile application or ebook:
  • Select a name for your project
  • Create a computer folder to hold files
  • Write outline and content
  • Create, import, and upload graphics and sound
  • Upload the files to the application program
  • Manipulate the files
  • Preview ebook pages
  • Revise and publish ebook


Add Vector Graphics


Why Vector Graphics? 

With Vector Graphics, you can – 
  • Add or remove background
  • Change the color of the image
  • Select one image from the graphic


    There are different companies that sell Vector Graphics, e.g.

    Add Sound Files



    There are different types of sound files.

    The most common are  –
    • Wave files (wav)
    •  MPEG Layer-3 files (mp3)




    The career test uses graphics hold your attention as you identify your career interests.

    The Analyzer program is an alternative to the paper and pencil model of kid career test.  

    See Rainbow Careers is an example of a Career Development iPad/ iPod application.  The See Rainbow Careers book is now available at the iTunes store.

    Convergence of Media Technology 
    and Career Development Resources

    Some of the career development and media technology resources include -



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