Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to Fulfil Your Potential Video

Now is the time to fulfil your potential.

Become aware of your interests, abilities, and skills. Match your talents to the right career.

1.   Discover Your Destiny

Download your diary .

View the YouTube video.

2.   Career and College Major Planning Keys

Three factors influence planning for career or selecting a college major –

- Knowing yourself
- Knowing occupations
- Knowing the college majors

3.   Three Career Planning Process Guideposts

The three guideposts are -

- Awareness, knowledge, and assessment
- Career exploration
- Career planning

4.   Step 1 - Awareness, Knowledge, and Assessment

You become aware of, know, and identify –

- Holland vocational interests
- Abilities
- Skills
- Values

5.   3 Ways to Choose a Career Test

The 3 Ways to Choose a Career Test are -

- Format
- Cost
- Information provided

6.  Career Test Checklist

Use the checklist to determine the format, cost, and other features.

7. Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a career assessment test and a personality test

8. Interest Self - Assessment Tests

Holland Codes career tests help people find a match between –

- Interest clusters
- Personalities
- Job categories
- Environments

9. Step 2 and Step 3

- Step 2 is Educational and Occupational Exploration.
- Step 3 is College Major Exploration.

10. Build Your Destiny Development Kit

Review the different career tools at -


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