Thursday, December 26, 2013

What are MOOCs?

MOOC = Massive Open Online Course

MOOCs are -
  • FREE 
  • Open
  • Participatory

In a MOOC, you -
  • Connect
  • Collaborate 
  • Engage in the learning process
  • Network
  •  Decide how and when you want to participate

The Career Explorers Network has facts about MOOCs for educational and career professionals.   The network goals are to  –
  • Build partnerships between educational and career professionals
  • Create a 24/7 personalized, digital learning program to show students the connect between education to real-life careers
  •  Build a connection between student’s interests and potential careers
  • Share career awareness, career education, and career development resources
  •  Help prepare students to complete in global, knowledge based, innovation centered economy
  •  Provide personalized professional development for teachers, administrators, and school staff
  •  Continue learning about digital learning

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