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Tweet Future Goals - Merging Social Media and Career Development

 Use Social Media Tools to Discover and Target Future Goals

The social media has caused a shift in the way we discover our future goals.

Social media also improves our success in understanding,communicating and sharing information about educational and career plans.

Use Social Media to Bridge the Generation Gap: A Word to Parents and Professionals

Awareness of the generations is necessary to engage and connect with other generation.  Knowing the differences makes communication easier.

As an example, Millennials and Generation Z have unique characteristics.  They are -

  1. Technologically sophisticated: Digital natives, Native speakers, Nets, Internet generation, iGeneration and Nintendo digital generation
  2. Optimistic: Generation Y and Sunshine generation, an inclusive and hopeful generation
  3. Generation C:  Connected, communicating, content-centric, computerized, community-oriented, always clicking

Types of Social Media

Expertise with social media tools is important.  Media technology promotes social networking, career exploration, and future educational planning.

According to Michael Wu, Ph.D., two major types of media tools:
  • Social Networks
  • Online Communities

Popular social media tools, mobile and web technologies,  include Facebook, Linkedin, and TwitterMedia Technology helps us -

  • Provide 24/7 access to resources, e.g. the US News and World Report (2012) discussed how High School Students Increasingly Use Social Media for College Search.
  • Provide and receive immediate feedback
  • Engage and connect with colleges, employers, companies, coaches, mentors, and other students
  • Build networks
  • Collaborate with others with shared interests
  • Make your future plans has a variety of social media tools -
  • Resource One: Facebook
  • Resource Two: Twitter
  • Resource Three: LinkedIn

Twitter is an information network, an online social networking service, and a microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets".

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional business-oriented social networking service with over 175 million members and growing rapidly.

There are different reasons to use LinkedIn –

  • Networking – Connect with professionals
  • Recruitment
  • People, company, and industry research
  • Job Email Alerts
  • Discussion groups
  • Branding
  • Job Search
  • Interview preparation
  • College or field of study research – LinkedIn for Education

Facebook has 70,000 users, 3 million daily page views and 90 million monthly page views. uses Facebook to display information about a variety of career development and social media topics.

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