Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hollandcodes.com - New Mission, New Vision, & New Web Sites

New Holland Codes Resource Center Network

Digital learning and media technology are impacting the delivery of career development resources. There must be a convergence and synchronization of career development principles with today’s electronic media.

The Holland Codes Resource Center has expanded services to people who are looking to discover their identity, purpose, and direction.

New Mission - Provide career development and social media resources engaging, connecting with digital learners utilizing printed, web-based tools and technology

New Vision – Motivate, inspire, and empower people to have an awareness of their full potential

New Web Site Network - 

Hollandcodes.com - Holland Codes related printed career tests, online career tests, books, downloads, digital courses, and other resources

Career-social-media.com – Our Career and Social Media Resource Center provides information about career, college major, job search, and social media resources. Members get access to -

Here are videos that provide an overview of the resource center -

Explorecareersandcollegemajors.com - mobile store with quick access to career tests and downloads 

Navigate the Explore Careers & College Majors store.  Here is our list of resources
We have designed web sites to help you discover your destiny, purpose, interests, abilities, and skills.

We provide tools that will help you discover the right career path.


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