Friday, July 03, 2015

Effective Social Media Strategies

Engage, connect, and network with the social media networks or channels that fit your audience.

Social media channels are modes of communication that allow us to access information, to problem solve, and make decisions.  Student engagement with social media channels has evolved through three stages -
  • Cross channel
  • Multi-Channel
  • Omni-Channel

Cross channel is foundational level for social media channels used for a variety of reasons
  • Go on the internet
  • Research a topic
  • Make a career decision

 We use Multi-Channel, next social media channel level to - 
  • Find the optimal channel for each student
  • Communicate with students in the best possible way
  • Engage the students the way they like to communicate with us

With a Omni-Channel -
  • You communicate on any channel that we want at any time  we want in the way we want. 
  • The experience is consistent across the channels.

Omni-Channel, highest social media network that provide immediate access to information -
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Search
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing
Source:  Here are screenshots from the Implementing Effective Social Media Strategies Roundtable Workshop NCDA 2015 Conference.

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